Beyazit, which has been the center of the city for 2500 years, was always the most important center of culture and trade of Istanbul in every period. Antik Hotel Istanbul was built on this 1500 year old cistern belonging to the Late Roman-Early Byzantine period cistern found during the foundation excavations after being restored according to the original form.

The Marmarion Terrace, which is located on the 5th floor of the hotel building, remains to offer the most delicious tastes of Turkish cuisine to the present day. Marmarion Terrace Restaurant offers a wide range of international cuisine to its guests from different countries.

With a wide view of Marmara Sea, Adalar, Kadikoy, Moda, Kalamis, Beyazit Tower and Blue Mosque, Marmarion Terrace is offering memorable fast-breaking hours during the Ramadan as every year.

It is also recommended that those who take photos as professional or hobbyists should bring their machines with them.