In the 4 th century, the largest square in Kontantinopolis was named Forum Tauri, named after the bull statue in the plaza The square, which occupies almost the same area as the present Beyazıt Square, was reorganized by the Emperor Theodosius in 393 and was named Forum Theodosius in his honor.
  One of the most important structures in the square surrounded by large arched buildings was a column similar to the Trajan Column in Rome and the triumphal arch adorned by the statues of Theodosius and his sons Honorius and Arcadius.
  The remains of these monuments are now in a corner above the main road.





Hall Features and Technical Equipments

  •  Lounges
  •  Vent
  •  Split Air Conditioner (Hot-Cold)
  •  Phone
  •  WiFi Internet
  •  Wired Internet
  •  Photocopy, Fax, Printer, Scanner
  •  Overhead
  •  Flipchart (Chargeable) 
  •  Whiteboard
  •    Curtain
  •    Projection
  •    Barcovision
  •    Sound System (surcharge)
  •    Light System (extra charge)
  •    Microphone
  •    DVD player
  •    LCD TV
  •    Simultaneous Translation       (chargeable)


Meeting Halls


Hall Name          Total Area     Height    Class   Theater   U      Cocktail                 

Marmarion             260 m2         2.80 m     130        250      65     300

Forum Tauri         121.5 m2        2.80 m      60         100      40