In 1984, during the foundation excavations of the Antik Hotel, the remains of a historical monument were found 12 meters below the ground, construction was stopped and rescue work was started. As a result of examinations by historians and experts, it was determined that the remains are belonging to the lower (basement) part of a large building belonging to the Late Roman and Early Byzantine periods as a cistern.
The hotel project, which was built upon the historical originality which preserved in heart of the city where the delicacies, invitations and events met with the history as the Antik Cisterna.
The artifacts from the ancient Cisterna is still to be exhibited at the Antik Hotel.
According to historians; Starting in front of Hagia Sophia, Çemberlitaş, on the south side of the city's main street Mese (Divan Yolu), extending from Beyazıt to Aksaray, is located many architectures belonging to the 5th and 6th Centuries like The palaces of Antiochos and Lausos in Sultanahmet and The Myrelaion Palace in Laleli. The Antik Cisterna is located in the chain of important structures in the 4th-5th Century's city .